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What is THCV? The complete guide

Delta 9 THCV is the new cannabinoid on the block. Affectionately called “diet weed” by its fans, people report that THCV provides the same euphoria and pleasant effects of Delta 9 THC without all the munchies and brain fog

How is Delta 9 THCV made?

Delta 9 THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is formed when Delta 9 THC aka marijuana has its cannabigerolic acid extracted. Cannabigerolic acid is the precursor to the psychoactive part of Delta 9 THC.

This Cannabigerolic acid is then exposed to high heat or light and turns into Delta 9 THCV.

Delta 9 THCV is also:

  • legal in states that have made THC legal for medical or recreational use

  • Considered a psychoactive drug

  • Can be discovered under a drug test

Why take Delta 9 THCV vs Delta 9 THC?

Research has shown that cannabinoids may produce an anti-inflammatory effect in mice, and further research is being developed on this effect with THCV. The journal of cannabis research has found that Delta 9 THCV has a significant appetite-suppressing effect for patients with type 2 diabetes.

In light of this, some people who want to lose a few pounds have given THCV a shot. Others swear by its neuroprotective effects and help with dealing with chronic inflammation.

In short:


  • causes “munchies”

  • causes confusion and mental fog

  • causes sleepiness


  • causes appetite suppression

  • can increase metabolism

  • increase energy levels

In essence, many people believe that Delta 9 THCV has many of the medicinal benefits of marijuana without as many of the same psychoactive side effects, but these claims need deeper research.

Now more than ever before people can pick and choose the parts of the marijuana experience and effect that works best for them. Do your research and find out which form of cannabis or THC helps your body and mind the way you want to!

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