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Guide to THC-O

Updated: May 8, 2023

Guide to THC-O

What is THC-O, the new psychedelic cannabinoid on the market?

THC-O acetate is a synthesized form of THC-O, which is a rare cannabinoid found in cannabis. THC-O is created by producers turning CBD hemp into a chemical very similar to Delta 9 THC by binding CBD to a chemical acetate.

THC-O vs Delta 9 THC

It is important to remember with all these Deltas flying around in the cannabinoid market, Delta 9 is the most common form of THC on the market and is what people refer to as normal marijuana.

THC-O is in fact shown to be much more potent than Delta 9. In fact, anecdotally, THC-O has been witnessed to be about 2 - 3 times more powerful than normal THC products.

What are the effects of THC-O?

Users describe its effects as more psychedelic and dissociative in nature compared to other forms of THC. THC-O acetate is believed to have a longer-lasting and more intense effect compared to other forms of THC, with some users reporting its effects lasting up to 8 hours.

Due to its high potency, it is recommended to use THC-O acetate with caution and under medical supervision. The long-term effects and safety of THC-O acetate are not yet fully understood, as there is limited research on this particular form of THC.

Is THC-O safe to smoke or vape?

Any substance smoked has health risks, and vaping products have already shown more concerning health claims by the day.

In 2019, black-market cannabis producers made THC-O vape cartridges with vitamin E acetate. This acetate when heated, creates ketenes, a lung toxin. This is a unique problem to Vitamin E acetate and is not true for vaping products or vaping marijuana-like substances.

The truth is with the vast amounts of legal grey areas in cannabis vape production, many companies will skirt the regulatory laws they believe they possibly can.

While regulatory laws are being updated to deal with new production health risks, it’s important to purchase from brands that use premium-quality ingredients which are lab certified.

It’s always best to do your own research when trying THC-O and be wary of the unique potency of THC-O products

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